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Subscription vs Perpetual License Adobe Software

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Subscription vs Perpetual License Adobe Software

Photography by Mark Myhaver

Hi Folks,

Here is my take on the whole subscription based vs perpetual license issue for what it’s worth. Subscription based means we get updates often, regularly and as soon as they are released. Perpetual means we will have to wait for a new version to be released which in the past was about once a year from Adobe. If you are a person who embraces updates, new and improved features as I am than subscription based is a great thing for those aforementioned reasons. If you do not do much editing of your photos or leave the bulk of it to your camera to do than those updates probably don’t matter so stick with the perpetually licensed version you have. Yes it could become obsolete eventually with hardware or operating system changes but you probably don’t upgrade those often either. Don’t confuse indefinitely with infinite. Indefinitely means not clearly defined or determined; not precise or exact. Adobe did not lie. They previously stated they would support LR perpetual license “indefinitely”, not “infinitely”. Now they have simply made that determination or clearly defined the end of continued upgrade and support. Did you truly expect it wasn’t going to happen eventually? As for the cost difference if you do the math and are the type of person that always upgraded to the latest version, there truly isn’t any cost difference. Well, actually it may be slightly less expensive with a subscription base. If you use both LR and Photoshop (and always update) it absolutely is less expensive using a subscription based system.