The Power of Sharing On Social Media

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The Power of Sharing On Social Media

Photography by Mark Myhaver

Though this is primarily written based on Facebook and Google+ the same principles apply to most social media platforms.

So I want to talk about the power of sharing a bit. Sharing is caring, yeah, yeah, yeah you've heard the pretty cliche, I know. But hey this is social media so indulge me a minute if you will please? I am fairly new to this whole thing but here are some things I have learned. Do you ever notice that some things get a lot more attention than others? Now without doubt the biggest reason for that is Quality of Content. But still haven't you seen some great content that you like and wonder why it doesn't get more comments or likes.

A few days ago It was my pleasure to share what I felt was an exceptional piece of art. No I am not talking about my own work here, so skip that thought. It was an even greater pleasure to see it constantly being liked and commented on throughout the day. So follow this through if you will. I liked and shared that image publically, and never even commented on it. I did however credit the person who created it. Don't get me wrong, comments are great in so many ways and given the time my preference would be to Like, Comment and Share with a comment when I see something that impresses me or moves me in some way. After all isn't that what socializing is all about?

But wait! Here is what happened and is still happening at this very moment. Friends of mine saw the image and also liked it; some even shared it as well. Some actually paid attention to who else did so, looked up some of those people, liked what they had on their pages and new friendships were born. Yes, I am sure many of you who have been doing this a lot longer than I have are aware of how all of this works. Are you really! Do you recognize that a Like has one affect; a Comment has another and a Share has a much broader reaction? All, combined together just multiply upon each other. But here is the biggest most influential part of them all. When you actually use a person's name on social media along with your comments it goes into search engines and then the real magic happens in exponential numbers.

When a name is mentioned anyone who is active in that person's circle of friends gets notified in one way or another. I used the word active to imply someone who regularly engages on social media and so also has at least some notifications turned on. Now what happens next is that person decides to act or not. If it is from someone they normally socialize with anyway, chances are they are going to check it out. If they like it and are motivated to action by it they may in turn cause the chain reaction of sharing it with another friend or even better, folks in there public circles. If they do so making a point to also share the name of the originator it came from, well I think you see where I am going with this. It is not rocket science although there is certainly a basic mathematics aspect about it.

So though all of us may know these things are we keeping them in mind and using them to everyones advantage in our day to day social media interactions? Now, am I suggesting that we share everything that we see? Absolutely not! That actually can have the opposite of the desired effect of increasing our social circles. Let's get back to the Quality Content piece of the equation. If we were to continuously saturate our own pages with anything coming down the stream regardless of our own opinion of quality we will probably watch our audience go down the drain with our credibility. Be your own content curator. If it doesn't have a positive affect on you it probably won't on your like-minded friends either? There are some things that we Like as a form of acknowledgement. There are others that we truly like for one reason or another. It may not be something fabulous or earth shattering but we like it. Then there are those things that provoke us to Comment. So my personal feeling is if it is of the content quality for me to comment on is it not then also of the quality that I want to Share? Perhaps not always for one reason or another but if I ask myself that question and do it often enough it becomes second nature. If it is top Quality Content why would I not want to share it so others may benefit from it? Isn't that part of being a good sociable neighbor?

Along with that, go the extra mile, give credit where credit is due and mention the author, artist, etcetera, by name. Did you know to most people there are few things more wonderful then the sound of their own name? We love seeing it in writing too. If nothing else it grabs your attention. You just may gain a new friend or two or a few hundred the way Social Media works.

If you like this piece and find it of value, by all means (you got it) Share it in my name. Thank you so much to the talented author and sharer of great content, Gregg Braden for unknowingly inspiring me to write this.